The Mathematics policy is not due to be reviewed until 2007 in the cyclical curricula review followed by St. Joseph's. However, there have been a number of significant changes in the curriculum, and the teaching strategies of Mathematics in the past few years.

These are noted below and will be included in the next Mathematics policy review.

The new Revised Mathematics K-6 Syllabus issued by the Board of Studies in 2002 is organised into six strands …one process strand Working Mathematically, and five content strands, Number, Patterns and Algebra, chance and Data, Measurement and Space and Geometry. The outcomes and indicators from these strands form the teaching and learning of Mathematics at St. Joseph's.

The other major change to the teaching and learning of Mathematics at St. Joseph's has been the inclusion of 'Count Me in Too' and 'Count me into Measurement'. Both these programmes were part of professional staff development projects in 2002 and 2003. There has been ongoing Sena testing. Also, a large number of resources were purchased and made to enhance the 'hands on' approach. This has shown good results in student understanding in numeration, number and measurement concepts.

Read the Mathematics Policy.