Teaching & Learning

At St Joseph’s school Religious Education is seen not merely as a subject that is taught, but as a way of life. At St Joseph’s we endeavour to nurture the dignity of the individual within a diverse social, cultural and rural environment.


St Joseph’s has a Bring your own device policy for students in the Primary class Years 3 – 6. Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning daily and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. The infants class have a class set of iPads which are a great resource that the children are proficient at using. All students are accomplished at using platforms such as Google classrooms and regularly use google docs for publishing and assessment pieces that demonstrate their learning.


Local day excursions in Adelong and Tumut support and enhance units of work. Students visit other major cities such as Canberra or Wagga on a day excursion with students experiencing a live theatre show. As part of Aboriginal studies, students also have local guest speakers, members of the local Wiradjuri tribe and visiting exhibits that come to the school. Students can also participate in many sporting activities such as Trent Barrett Shield, Mortimer Shield, Selwyn Ski Trip, Tennis Day and the Soccer Gala Day.


Students are encouraged to borrow library books from the fiction, non-fiction and reference areas during library lessons and can be kept for a two-week period before being returned.